Attention: new 2024 regulations! Creating new fishing sanctuaries!

Fishing in Baskatong

Imagine the number of good fishing spots on a 413 km² stretch of water, fed by four rivers and home to over 35 species of fish. The Baskatong is the perfect place to fish and have fun with friends and family!

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In short

Open fishing

From May3rd to October 15th and from December 20th to March 31st *.

For the entire Baskatong (excluding sanctuaries) and for all species with the exception of the late opening of bass and sturgeon (June 15 to October 15, 2024) and the early closure of landlocked salmon and lake trout (May 17 to September 15, 2024).

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Fishing forbidden in the sanctuaries

From October 16 to the May fishing season (3rd Friday in May)

Baie Philomène

October 16 to June 14

Ruisseau Philomène

September 16 to June 14

Baie au sable
Baie Windigo
Ruisseau Grant
Lac Caméra
Ruisseau Notawassi
Rivière Gatineau
Ruisseau Demerest et Rivière Petawaga

2nd Monday in September to June 14

Baie Gens de Terre
Image Map Zone 1 : Baie Philomène Zone 2 : Ruisseau Philomène Zone 3 : Baie au sable Zone 4 : Baie Windigo Zone 5 : Ruisseau Grant Zone 6 : Lac Caméra Zone 7 : Ruisseau Notawassi Zone 8 : Rivière Gatineau Zone 9 : Ruisseau Demerest et Rivière Petawaga Zone 10 : Baie Gens de Terre

Fish species

Walleye and sauger, northern pike, trout, bass… the Baskatong abounds in a wide variety of fish species.
To find out all about the catch and size limits for the aquatic fauna of this superb body of water, click here!

Walleye Walleye

Catch Limit : 6 (including sauger)

Size Limit : 37cm to 53cm

Sauger Sauger

Catch Limit : 6 (including walleye)

Size Limit : -

Northern pike Northern pike

Catch Limit : 6

Size Limit : -

Lake trout Lake trout

Catch Limit : 2

Size Limit : 55cm and over

Atlantic salmon Atlantic salmon

Catch Limit : 3

Size Limit : -

Smallmouth bass Smallmouth bass

Catch Limit : 6 (including largemouth bass)

Size Limit : -

Lake sturgeon Lake sturgeon

Catch Limit : 1

Size Limit : -

Brook trout Brook trout

Catch Limit : 10

Size Limit : -

Burbot Burbot

Catch Limit : -

Size Limit : -

Yellow perch Yellow perch

Catch Limit : 50

Size Limit : -

Lake whitefish Lake whitefish

Catch Limit : 5

Size Limit : -

Violations of the Fisheries and Wildlife Enhancement Act are punishable by fines that vary according to the offence. Learn more


For eco-responsible, environmentally-friendly fishing, we invite you to learn more about the regulations surrounding Baskatong fishing and obtaining a Quebec fishing permit.

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Launching is possible at Grand-Remous and Montcerf-Lytton. Parking is free and well-equipped.

To fish on the Baskatong reservoir, you must have these two documents in your possession:

We strongly recommend that you print out your authorization before your fishing trip, but it is not compulsory to do so. Digital content is accepted for Baskatong authorization and Quebec permit. All you have to do is make sure you can show it to a law enforcement officer at any time, on pain of a fine. Be on the lookout for a low battery indicator on your cell phone or various e-mail problems that prevent you from presenting it.

No, if the following criteria are met:

  • Under 18 years of age


  • Be between 18 and 24 years of age and hold a student card
  • Be under the constant and immediate supervision of a fishing licence holder

You and your spouse, your children under 18, and those aged 18 to 24 with a student card may fish under your supervision or in possession of your fishing license.

All other persons under the age of 18, as well as those aged 18 to 24 with a student card, must fish at all times under your or your spouse’s supervision.

As a result, you can have a single Quebec fishing license for the family, each with its own fishing line in the water, but with only one fish quota (6 walleye, 50 yellow perch, etc.).

In winter, you may not exceed the limit of five lines in the water allowed per fishing permit for all persons sharing the permit.

Spouse means a partner who has lived at the same address for more than one year.

You must obtain a fishing permit when you go to one of Quebec’s four AFCs (Community Wildlife Areas). The money goes entirely to an NPO that owns the management. In the case of the Baskatong, the organization is Pêche sportive du réservoir Baskatong. The principle of a non-profit organization is to reinject the entire sum into the water body in one way or another, depending on its mission and objectives, i.e. :

  • Take charge of sport fishing management on the AFC territory
  • Contribute to the conservation and protection of the resource in order to finance the restoration of fishing potential and promote sport fishing activities while ensuring equitable access for all users.

The fishing authorization was set up to ensure management of the water body and the health of the ecosystem. Users pay to contribute to :

  • protection through water monitoring
  • education and awareness, notably through our Walleye Interpretation Centre, where visits are free of charge (voluntary donations accepted)
  • walleye labeling
  • development of spawning grounds
  • forage fish research, sanctuary creation, DNA, etc.
  • Experimental fishing, which takes place every five years to validate the health of livestock.
  • aircraft flights to assess fishing pressure on the water body

Our story

Walleye is the jewel of the Baskatong. We love fishing, of course, but also learning more about how it lives and reproduces. The Interpretation Center invites you to discover walleye through stimulating exhibits for all. Interested in the impressive story of the creation of the Baskatong reservoir? The Walleye Interpretation Centre is free and open to all.

Learn more

Find out more about the interpretation center

A veritable living museum with aquariums, models, photos, maps and more!

Enhancing, restoring and protecting wildlife

Consult the regional planning fact sheet

Discover Walleye and its history through the Baskatong territory

Buy the authorization

The Baskatong Reservoir Community Wildlife Area ensures that all fishing enthusiasts can make the most of their hobby, while ensuring the proper management of the aquatic fauna of this majestic body of water.
The purchase of your fishing rights contributes to improving the quality of your fishing experience.