Seeding the Baskatong reservoir

The corporation carried out seeding operations on various occasions between 1998 and 2016. In all, over 25 million walleye larvae and 478,000 fry were released into the Baskatong reservoir.

As for landlocked salmon, 47,000 specimens were stocked between 1999 and 2012, both in the reservoir and in the five lakes connected to it.

To learn more about seeding techniques, visit the Walleye Interpretation Center.

The health of the walleye herd is very positive at the moment, so seeding is no longer necessary. The lake is self-sufficient in terms of walleye population renewal, and has been since the end of stocking in 2017.

However, the lake remains under close surveillance by biologists. We are maintaining various measures to validate the situation despite the high fishing pressure. The AFC, in collaboration with the Ministry, is implementing several concrete actions, in addition to seeding, to maintain and perpetuate the health of the water body in all its forms.

The fish farm has therefore not been in operation since 2017, due to the current health of the herd. This seeding method can only be used in a body of water experiencing a population decline. It will therefore be used again only if the population becomes deficient, in accordance with ministerial standards governing the granting of a seeding permit.