A fisherman's favorite!

At Baskatong reservoir, walleye is a favorite among anglers! Find out why at the Walleye Interpretation Center. A veritable living museum featuring a 17-foot-long aquarium, models, photos and videos, maps and more, the center opens its doors free of charge in June, July and August. Drop in and get your stimulating tour at your own pace with the help of our audioguides!

Discover gold and much more

In addition to discovering the walleye, its habits, its birth, its predators, the many challenges it encounters throughout its life at the Baskatong and the actions taken to preserve the species, the Interpretation Centre offers you a multiple exhibition on various subjects concerning the reservoir:

  • Formation of the Baskatong reservoir and watershed
  • The story of the underwater village
  • How the Baskatong fish farm worked
  • Our actions to protect walleyes and their environment
  • How walleye labeling works
  • Our actions to ensure quality fishing
  • What is a community wildlife area?
  • A wealth of tips to improve your fishing techniques

Why a Walleye Interpretation Centre?

The Walleye Interpretation Centre, like the majestic playground that is the Baskatong reservoir, is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the life of an ecosystem and explore all its wonders. The Interpretation Centre has a number of objectives, which you can discover in detail with our audio guides. Here are the main ones:

  • Provide a concrete learning experience
  • Raising visitors' awareness of the importance of preserving Baskatong's flora and fauna
  • Discover sport fishing and the different ways of preserving resources
  • Raising visitors' awareness of the importance of responsible fishing behaviour

Discoveries for families, friends or groups

Visits to the interpretation center are FREE. All voluntary donations are donated to the Grand-Remous Christmas Hamper organization. No reservation is necessary, but groups wishing to book a guide-animator can contact us (personalized services for school groups with 45-minute tours (capacity for 2 groups of 15 students at a time).

When to visit

The Walleye Interpretation Centre is open in June, July and August.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Center Amenities

Outdoor dining area

The Interpretation Centre has a pergola with picnic tables.

Interior space

In bad weather, the entrance hall can accommodate groups of visitors awaiting transport.


Free parking is available.