Why a community wildlife area in Baskatong?

As you may know, the Baskatong reservoir didn't always exist! It was formed following the construction of the Mercier dam in 1927. It was 71 years later, in 1998, that the Baskatong Community Wildlife Area (AFC) was created. It is managed by a non-profit organization, Pêche Sportive du réservoir Baskatong, in the form of a corporation. Its mission is to ensure the proper management of the reservoir's natural resources, in order to preserve this extraordinary environment while enabling high-quality fishing.

The Baskatong reservoir AFC mission

The Baskatong Reservoir AFC is a not-for-profit corporation with the following objectives:

  • Take charge of sport fishing management on the AFC territory
  • Contribute to the conservation and protection of the resource in order to finance the restoration of fishing potential
  • Promote sport fishing activities while ensuring fair access for all users

Enhancing, restoring and protecting wildlife

AFC revenues, mainly from users of the Baskatong reservoir, are dedicated to wildlife enhancement, restoration and protection. More specifically, the corporation carries out various actions relating to :

  • habitat development
  • implementation of various measures to influence the walleye population (census, stocking, test fishing, etc.)
  • Scientific research into DNA, forage fish, ecosystems, sanctuaries and more.
  • water level monitoring
  • walleye labeling
  • various awareness-raising and educational activities

Surveillance at the Baskatong reservoir

In order to improve the fishing experience and quality on its territory, the Baskatong Reservoir AFC carries out increased monitoring. Wildlife protection assistants patrol the entire stretch of water and are responsible for issuing infringement notices when necessary. Failure to comply with catch quotas, possession of fish in excess of the permitted limit, and failure to respect sanctuaries and spawning grounds are punishable by fines. Consult the Regulations to find out more.


Board of Directors

The Management Corporation's Board of Directors is made up of eleven volunteer members, duly mandated by their respective communities.

User-fishermen (2 members)

Delegates from the Fédération Québécoise des chasseurs et pêcheurs and its regional councils (Laurentides and Outaouais)

Vacationer-fisherman (1 member)

Elected from among those attending the annual meeting of the corporation

Associations (2 members)

One member per MRC, appointed and delegated by all cottagers who are members of one or more associations.

Outfitters (4 members)

Delegated by the Baskatong Outfitters Association Inc.

Paramunicipal (2 members)

Delegates from each MRC (Antoine-Labelle and Gatineau Valley)