What to do in the event of capture

Did you catch a tagged walleye? By registering your fish and all the others tagged in Baskatong reservoir, we'll gain a better understanding of their movements, evolution and fidelity to their spawning grounds. You too can contribute to these studies on walleye migration and population.

Your data is important to us!

How to declare tagged walleye

To declare your catches bearing a tag, fill out the form below or call us at 819-438-1177, the following information:

  • Your personal information (name, telephone number and/or e-mail address)
  • Fish data (size, weight (optional), tag number and color)
  • Date of walleye capture
  • Capture location (location description or GPS point)
  • Indicate whether you have kept it or returned it to the water

Please note that tagged fish returned to the water will enable us to paint an even more accurate picture of its growth, habits and movements, since another angler will be able to capture it and share his observations with us.

Follow the amazing journey of your walleye!

Call us to find out about your walleye's amazing journey to date!

Once your walleye has been registered, you will automatically be eligible for a draw, regardless of how you submitted your information to us. The draw takes place at our Annual General Meeting in June of the following year.

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