The Baskatong, a nature reserve to be protected

The Baskatong reservoir is an immense 413 km2 body of water located in the Upper Laurentians, nearly 300 kilometers north of Montreal and Ottawa.

The Baskatong Reservoir Community Wildlife Area (AFC) encompasses the surface area of Baskatong Reservoir itself (at its maximum operating level), as well as five associated lakes: Piscatosine, Cockanagog, Caméra, Du Chêne and Georges. Sections navigable from the reservoir, rivers and tributary streams that are not already included in a structured wildlife territory are also included.

This magnificent body of water dotted with islands, bays and sandy beaches is a paradise for sport fishing enthusiasts as well as families and friends who come here for unforgettable vacations.

Be careful, there are several fishing sanctuaries on the territory, i.e. areas where fishing is prohibited during a prescribed period. (see map below) The aim of these sanctuaries is to improve fishing quality by increasing the productivity of walleye reproduction while conserving our spawners. So we're talking about a late opening and an early closing.

An impressive variety of fish species

Baskatong reservoir is renowned for its walleye fishing, but there's a wide range of fish species just as enjoyable to catch.

  • Sauger and walleye
  • Pike
  • Yellow perch
  • Touladi
  • Whitefish
  • Ouananiche
Walleye Walleye

Catch Limit : 6 (including sauger)

Size Limit : 37cm to 53cm

Sauger Sauger

Catch Limit : 6 (including walleye)

Size Limit : -

Northern pike Northern pike

Catch Limit : 6

Size Limit : -

Lake trout Lake trout

Catch Limit : 2

Size Limit : 55cm and over

Atlantic salmon Atlantic salmon

Catch Limit : 3

Size Limit : -

Smallmouth bass Smallmouth bass

Catch Limit : 6 (including largemouth bass)

Size Limit : -

Lake sturgeon Lake sturgeon

Catch Limit : 1

Size Limit : -

Brook trout Brook trout

Catch Limit : 10

Size Limit : -

Burbot Burbot

Catch Limit : -

Size Limit : -

Yellow perch Yellow perch

Catch Limit : 50

Size Limit : -

Lake whitefish Lake whitefish

Catch Limit : 5

Size Limit : -

Open fishing

From May3rd to October 15th and from December 20th to March 31st *.

For the entire Baskatong (excluding sanctuaries) and for all species with the exception of the late opening of bass and sturgeon (June 15 to October 15, 2024) and the early closure of landlocked salmon and lake trout (May 17 to September 15, 2024).

More details here

Fishing forbidden in the sanctuaries

From October 16 to the May fishing season (3rd Friday in May)

Baie Philomène

October 16 to June 14

Ruisseau Philomène

September 16 to June 14

Baie au sable
Baie Windigo
Ruisseau Grant
Lac Caméra
Ruisseau Notawassi
Rivière Gatineau
Ruisseau Demerest et Rivière Petawaga

2nd Monday in September to June 14

Baie Gens de Terre
Image Map Zone 1 : Baie Philomène Zone 2 : Ruisseau Philomène Zone 3 : Baie au sable Zone 4 : Baie Windigo Zone 5 : Ruisseau Grant Zone 6 : Lac Caméra Zone 7 : Ruisseau Notawassi Zone 8 : Rivière Gatineau Zone 9 : Ruisseau Demerest et Rivière Petawaga Zone 10 : Baie Gens de Terre